DNA’s commitment to promoting social equality

At DNA Consulting, we stand in solidarity with our communities against racism, injustice, and discrimination of all kinds. Recent events have highlighted the inequities that continue to exist in our society, and the deafening cry can no longer be ignored. We cannot be silent, as silence unintentionally propagates the continual divide. We are committed to stamping out racism and valuing all human life.

One of our core values upon which DNA Consulting was founded is Human Dignity – We respect and honor people’s worth so that each person is afforded the opportunity to develop to their full potential. We believe every human has a right to live life to the fullest – not fear driving down the street, shopping in stores or going to school just because of the color of their skin. Discrimination against our Black brothers and sisters cannot be tolerated, and the lack of humanity brought to light is horrifying. We all need to open our eyes and hearts to the pain being suffered in our communities, and act in ways that honor each person’s worth.

As a female and minority owned business, we understand the value of supporting one another. DNA Consulting is continuing our commitment by: ‐ Supporting community involvement that targets the elimination of racial injustice ‐ Volunteering our talents to promote social equality for our clients and communities ‐ Serving our clients in ways that promote diversity in leadership and culture ‐ Growing a diverse and inclusive workplace for our own employees and partners

Recently, I heard a quote by Colorado Rockies baseball player, Ian Desmond that summed up the consequences of the oppressive actions. He said, “If we didn't force Black Americans into White America's box, think of how much we could thrive". This goes to the heart of valuing each person for what they can bring to the table – gifts, talents, and beliefs; honoring the dignity of each human being and embracing and accepting everyone for what can be contributed. If each member of the team, community or organization feels supported in this way, imagine what can be accomplished. As a biracial man, Ian Desmond wonders “If, in other years, I’d just allowed myself to be who I was – to play free and the way I was born to play, would I have been better?”.

It will take all of us, working together collaboratively and compassionately to end racial discrimination and create profound change. Create opportunities to listen, learn and grow as we strive to understand one another. Do not let systemic injustice become the norm – speak up when our brethren are marginalized. Be the voice that stands against racism and for humanity. We challenge ourselves and those around us to do better by thinking inclusively, acting supportively, and driving lasting change. Together, we can Change the Way the World Works.

Lancia Herzog

Managing Partner, DNA Consulting