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August message:   


We stand for shared responsibility in the world, condemn the accelerating violence in Ukraine, and grieve for the lives continuing to be lost due to gun violence in America.


Whether we are dealing with a global pandemic, the needless deaths of so many children in America, or a global humanitarian crisis, we believe that, as His Holiness, The Dalai Lama says: “We need to base our lives on altruistic concern aimed not just at our own private welfare but also at the good of society. Each one of us is responsible for all of humankind and for the environment in which we live. We need to think of each other as true brothers and sisters and need to be deeply concerned with each other’s welfare. We must seek to lessen the suffering of others…to do this, we need to recognize that the whole world is part of you.”




At DNA Consulting, we have six main values that reflect our collective beliefs of ‘what is right action’ in the world. These values are Human Dignity, Principled Action, Generosity and Compassion, Knowledge/Insight, Client Service/Professional Excellence, and Collaboration.


We celebrate the passage of the first gun safety law of the past 30 years but realize this is a very limited step. We join the call for stronger gun control laws, like 85% of all Americans.


We at DNA Consulting join so many around the world who share the grief of the small Texas town of Uvalde, where 21 people recently died in another school shooting. As of today, there have been 381 mass shootings in the United States in 2022, averaging 1.7 per day. A ‘mass shooting’ is defined as one in which at least 4 people are shot, excluding the shooter.  It is unbelievable that we even have a definition for such a term in our language.


Every year 40,620 people die in America from gun violence, and almost 8,000 are children. We must do more. We join the 85% of Americans who call for stronger gun control laws. 


In our country today, the numbers are astounding. We know that sensible approaches to this issue are possible and urge our elected representatives to take even more appropriate actions. We urge all to vote and to make your voices heard.





As we are all watching in real-time, this enormous humanitarian crisis continues to unfold in Europe. In this 158th day of the Ukraine war, one-fourth of all Ukrainians have left their homes and almost 10 million refugees have streamed out of Ukraine according to the United Nations. This displacement represents one of the most significant humanitarian crises of the past 50 years.


We urge you to join us by contributing in any way you can to assist in a humanitarian way to help. Numerous agencies are mobilized and readily available to us. The Red Cross, UNICEF, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Save the Children, The UN Refugee Agency, and CARE are just a few to consider.




As we have passed the 1 million death mark in America (the current number of reported deaths is 1.03M) and the world registers 6.4M deaths, we urge everyone to vaccinate and boost themselves and others. With the more contagious BA5 strain spreading rapidly, we realize that this virus is not finished with us yet.  States are raising their risk levels and most are urging people to ‘re-mask’ which we strongly support as a responsible act.



Here are a few global words with the same meaning: The Act of Being RESPONSIBLE.

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