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At DNA Consulting, we are committed to our communities and each of us is involved in very significant ways in collaborations that are meaningful and help us carry out our missions.  


Here is a key example of our work in our highlighted Pro Bono Example:


Junior League Community Training and Facilitation in the Tools of Collaboration


Beginning in 2003, Linda Dunkel and Interaction Associates partnered with the Junior League of Collin County (formerly the Junior League of Plano) to provide leadership training courses to its members. Over the past 15 years, more than 500 women have been trained in Essential Facilitation©, Facilitative Leadership©, Facilitative Leadership for Social Change©, Pathways to Change© and Masterful Trainer©. (Interaction Associates)


Lancia Herzog continues to train Junior League members in the Interaction Associates’ leadership training courses. The impact to the community has been significant, as leaders throughout North Texas have learned and are practicing many of the tools and the skills of collaboration.


Lancia has facilitated, taught and coached non-profit agencies throughout Collin County, Texas, in board development, strategic planning and meeting facilitation. Lancia donates over 10 hours a week to this work, which has promoted collaboration as the foundation for effective meetings and strong leadership.  Our work continues...

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