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Welcome to DNA Consulting! 


We are happy you are on our website and hope you hang around just long enough to get to know what we are and are not.  (Spoiler alert:  we are NOT focused on Deoxyribonucleic acid (why the DNA logo?), although we do have a metaphorical connection and you should know about us if you are collaborating in any medical/scientific research!  We work with organizations of all types, including medical and scientific ones.


We are a small group who are committed to helping individuals in organizations and communities collaborate with others in ways that help them be their best selves every day. 


  We can help you strengthen and develop the core of your business or organization—your WHY, which includes your Values, Mission and Vision.


  We also help you to develop your HOW, which includes your Strategy and your collaborative operating system







Taken together, these two parts of your “Golden Circle” are the keys to your success.  This forms your own unique DNA


We’ve been fortunate in our careers to learn a most effective ‘human operating system of collaboration’ which is called The Interaction Method©.

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© Interaction Associates


We’re out to share this with the world and to also teach you a set of tools for implementing it … in your own life, in the team in which you work and, also, in your organization and/ or community.  In this way, we work at the DNA level of your organization, thus our own name.


We began a few years ago, when Linda and Tony Dunkel started a small consulting firm, which was named ‘Dunkel & Associates’, abbreviated with the the moniker, D’n A. Linda was the President & CEO of Interaction Associates for almost a decade and also a practitioner of their work, which is all about collaboration.  After almost 20 years with that firm, she and her husband (along with several other owners) sold it to the employees and they then arranged to represent the tools and programs to others in the world through their own Dunkel & Associates organization. 


After several years, of building more collaborative organizations in the mid-west US and in Asia, they have been joined by two experienced and collaborative practitioners:  Stacy Koogler in Ohio and Lancia Herzog in Dallas and are expanding into DNA Consulting, to serve organizations and communities in all locales. 


Together, we are a group of collaborative consultants who are working at the core of businesses and communities and helping to collaborate in ways that improve their own lives, make their organizations better places to work and achieve greater levels of process and results success. 


We’re having fun together and would love to talk with you about your own efforts to collaborate. 


With much gratitude to the collaborators  Friedrich Miescher, Francis Crick and James Watson who isolated and identified this amazing building block of humanity, we announce our arrival as DNA Consulting and invite you to join us on this journey.

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