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DNA Consulting Approach


At DNA Consulting, we focus with you on your own DNA, that is, your CORE: key questions of identity and value (your “WHY”) as well as your strategy for sustainable success and culture change (your “HOW”). Together this will enable and reinforce your achievement. We help you build a culture of collaboration, through a combination of consulting and training services.  Through our partnership with Interaction Associates we bring these best-in-class offerings to address your HOW and WHY.

Our consultants look at organizations through the lens of Simon Sinek, who frames an organization very simply with these three concentric circles of activity:

golde circle.JPG

Regardless of the field you are in (the “WHAT”), your long-term success depends on your “WHY” and your “HOW”.

What Do We Offer?


Offerings For Your Core…Your “WHY”

golde circle.JPG
  • Values/Mission/Vision Consulting

  • Core Team Development

  • Company-wide Transparent & Inclusive Design and Enrollment Process

  • Process Mapping 

  • Coaching

  • Facilitation

  • Values in Action Assessment at Individual, Team, Business Unit and Corporate Level including coaching

"Golden Circle"*

*Simon Sinek©️

Offerings For Your Core…Your “HOW”

Tools & Processes for Collaboration

 Strategy Development

 Consulting on Strategy   Development and   Tactical Implementation


  • Collaborative Culture Consulting

  • Values Leadership

  • Leading Collaborative Work Teams

  • Collaborative Problem Solving

  • System Dynamics

 Teams – Individuals

  • Toolkit for Collaboration

  • Team Life-Cycle

Why Us?



With over 60 years of Corporate and Non-Profit experience, DNA Consultants have worked in a variety of industries deploying transformational change at the center of every organization.


At DNA Consulting, we build collaborative environments that last. We create sustainable solutions that can be self monitored and calibrated using our playbook and guidance.



DNA Consultants are certified and licensed in bringing tried and true methodologies and tools to every engagement. The models and frameworks are proprietary and have been used at hundreds of companies.

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