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Dr. Julia Santiago


Julia Santiago is a consultant and facilitator in organization development, leadership and change management.



Dr. Santiago invested the last 10 years building and leading the HR Function for Year UP, Inc., the fastest growing Non-Profit with offices in 17 cities. At Year Up, Inc. she was promoted to Senior Advisor on Human Capital. During her years with Year Up, she led the team in charge of Diversity for the entire Year Up system.

Dr. Santiago spent her early consulting career working at Interaction Associates and Interaction Institute for Social Change as a learning and collaboration consultant with a track record of successful work with the Library of Congress, Department of Education and a number of other private institutions. She served on the Senior Leadership Team of Interaction Associates in the role of Network Talent Manager as well as a Board Member.

Ms. Santiago has held a number of other professional positions in education and non- profits and is currently focused on her private consultancy in facilitation and collaboration skills with an emphasis on Diversity and Employee Relations.

Substantive areas of work include: human resources, diversity and inclusion, cultural competence, change management and collaborative planning.

She is now a collaborator and consultant with DNA consulting.



Educational Background

Julia holds a doctorate degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts with a focus on organization development.


She currently lives in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

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