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Local and Global Impact

At DNA Consulting, we are committed to our communities. We are involved in significant, meaningful collaborations that help us carry out our mission and yours.

Beginning in 2003, Linda Dunkel and Interaction Associates partnered with the Junior League of Collin County (formerly the Junior League of Plano) to provide leadership training courses to its members. Over the past 15 years, more than 500 women have been trained in Essential Facilitation©, Facilitative Leadership©, Facilitative Leadership for Social Change©, Pathways to Change© and Masterful Trainer©. (Interaction Associates) Lancia Herzog continues to train Junior League members in the Interaction Associates’ leadership training courses. The impact on the community has been significant, as leaders throughout North Texas have learned and are practicing many of the tools and skills of collaboration. Lancia has facilitated, taught, and coached non-profit agencies throughout Collin County, Texas, in board development, strategic planning, and meeting facilitation. Lancia donates over 10 hours a week to this work, which has promoted collaboration as the foundation for effective meetings and strong leadership.


Bali Institute emerged from two “Quest for Global Healing” conferences in 2004 and 2006 and a third “Awakening Global Action” conference in 2007, all held in Ubud, Bali. Developed by Bali Institute’s founder, Marcia Jaffe, and a collaborative team of leaders and volunteers, these conferences ultimately brought together more than 1,200 people from more than 40 countries. These events aimed to explore new roles individuals might play in addressing issues like poverty, human rights, sustainable development, environment sustainability, nonviolent conflict resolution, and numerous other global challenges. ​ DNA Consulting members helped design several of these global gatherings and served as facilitators for them as well. Linda and Tony Dunkel went on to serve as President and CFO, respectively, of the organization. ​ At the conclusion of the conferences, individuals and organizations began approaching Bali Institute asking for assistance in creating leadership training, global activism workshops, and education travel programs that incorporated Bali as more than just a tropical backdrop, but instead, as a living classroom featuring examples from the Balinese culture as central components of the learning experience.

Members of the DNA Consulting organization worked for several years with Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams from Northern Ireland in developing the first Center of Compassion for Children in Southern Italy, in collaboration with several governmental entities of Italy. 

DNA Consultants have all worked with this non-profit, headquartered in Boston, to help transfer collaboration skills to other social justice entities globally. 

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