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Rod Hall


Rod works with DNA Consulting in our Team Practice, where he uses the team assessment and coaching approach of Dr. Brian Hall, and the Values Technology paradigm of values development. This approach has been validated in over 30 countries and is used by a variety of businesses, communities and religious institutions of many faiths in the world. It offers a cross-cultural, human approach that transcends cultures to focus on universal human values and their development over the life of an individual. This approach is useful for individuals, teams and even at the organizational level.

Rod has worked with Dr. Brian Hall and the Values Technology team since 1980. He has extensive training and knowledge in the Hall- Tonna Values Theory system and as such has conducted many individual coaching sessions for executive and management teams of all types and industries.

Rod has also led many workshops on Values Technology group reports which focus on team awareness, growth and development as well as team dynamics. Using the Hall-Tonna Beliefs and Values system, he is able to help both individuals and teams to understand their current state and chart their trajectory of potential development. He has helped many organizational teams greatly improve their teamwork and their ability to collaborate together.

He has helped many executives see a vision for themselves and for their companies by coaching them through their Values profiles. Rod has led Values workshops internationally and across Canada and the United States.



Clients include Credit Human, The Schnack Financial Group, The University of Alberta, Trumpet, The Lutheran Missouri Synod and St. Mary’s University, among many others.

Rod conducts church workshops on Values Leadership through The Discipleship Program of Values Technology. He also works with Call Committees for Pastor and other staff search and selection processes.

Rod is a certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Coach and Trainer. He is also certified in the StrengthsFinder program of the Gallup University.

Educational Background

1970 B.A. Education, Concordia University Chicago, River Forest, IL

1984 M.A. Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA.

1990 Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft Wayne, IN- Completed Studies and ordained in March 1990.

Rod and his wife, Victoria, live in San Jose, California and have two adult children: Britt Hall and Ben Hall along with one delightful granddaughter, Quincey.

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