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Louise Delasi


Louise DeIasi is an experienced consultant and executive who brings to her work the ability to listen deeply, empathize and tailor interventions to enable her clients to achieve their goals.


Her approach is to understand her clients’ needs and culture then partner with them to achieve their desired results. She does this by creating an environment in which people can feel safe to speak out, hear what each other has to say and make collaborative decisions. She focuses on facilitating her client’s ability to think strategically, identify the processes that enable them to reach their goals and engage their stakeholders in a way that builds accountability and trust.

Today, Louise serves as a consultant with DNA Consulting, lending her extensive knowledge and experience to cultural and management transformation efforts.


Louise has over 30 years of organization and leadership development experience. Her work has focused on the development of collaborative planning processes including strategy implementation, cross functional initiatives, and organizational re-design. She has brought her skills to bear with groups in launching and developing productive teams. She is also an experienced coach and has developed new and existing leaders at all levels of the organization.


She has worked across a variety of industries including healthcare, technology, financial services, defense, insurance, manufacturing and the arts. Additionally, she has worked with non-profit organizations and foundations who address the social needs with communities.


Louise has been a managing director in a consulting firm, a vice president in a healthcare-based technology firm, a director of the leadership and organization development function at a multi-hospital system and has held leadership positions in the non-profit sector.


Having started her career in the non-profit world, Louise continues to do part of her work in the community. This includes her consulting clients in the social sector. She has been a board member of non-profit organization that provide services for adults with developmental disabilities and one whose mission it is to provide mentors to college students. Since she started out as an educator of children, it is a theme that continues to be near and dear to her heart. Her work with a local Boys and Girls Club has enabled her to support their work in providing extensive services to children and teens.

Educational Background

Louise received her Psychology from St. John’s University and her M.A. in Organization Psychology from Columbia University.


She and her husband, Patrick Sullivan, reside in Cambridge, MA.

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