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Dr. Jim Hines


System Dynamics management consultant, educator, and researcher, Dr. Jim Hines has consulted with organizations on five continents in a broad range of industries including insurance, electronics, aerospace, software, law, government, and banking.


A past president of the System Dynamics Society, Jim received a Ph.D. from MIT and taught System Dynamics there for a dozen years, an MBA from University of Chicago (finance and statistics), and a B.A. Amherst College (English and anthropology). While at MIT, Jim created the System Dynamics Distance Program (now at WPI). He is a protégé of the ‘father of System Dynamics,’ Jay Forrester.


Jim’s consulting interest is weaving the system dynamics viewpoint into an organization’s managerial fabric. Now a full-time consultant, Jim works with executive teams exploring long-term issues and problems.

Jim and his wife, Nancy, live in Rhode Island and have one daughter, Hannah.

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